Tuesday, October 31, 2006

David Sedaris'
Dress Your Family in
Corduroy and Denim

This book is even funnier than Me Talk Pretty One Day. In Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Demin, David Sedaris has given us 27 deliriously twisted tales which include hilarious childhood dramas imbued with melancholy; the gulf of misunderstanding that exists between people of different nations or even members of the same family; and the division between one's best hopes and most common deeds. The family characters from Me Talk Pretty One Day are all here, as well as the unique world they inhabit, peppered generously with bits of comedy. 'The Rooster' is back, and gets married in one of the funniest weddings ever described. David attends a slumber party and gets the upper hand in a unique version of strip poker. 'Rubber or plastic?' The strangest questions can tear people apart. A skinny guy from Spain, wearing a bishop's hat and accompanied by six to eight men, invades your house and pretends to kick you. Is this any way to spend Christmas? Sedaris's descriptive writing never fails to disappoint me. Read it and weep, while you laugh through your tears.

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